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Oh! To have the rare luck of exploring Sri Lanka in two whole weeks! The first of the destinations in your Sri Lanka vacation is Anuradhapura, one of the ancient capitals. The sacred city is brimming with stories to be discovered, which is why it is also a UNESCO world heritage site. The first historical site you visit in your Sri Lanka vacation package is Mihintale. The dodgy climb to Mihintale feels absolutely worthy as it greets you with a magnificent view along with insane winds. You discover the beauty of the ancient architecture in Ritigala Forest Monastery, Twin Baths (Kuttam Pokuna), and Ruwanweliseya! It’s still the first day of your Sri Lanka vacation, and you are already capturing everything you see!

After Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa is the second most iconic landmark in Sri Lanka, making it a must-visit in a Sri Lanka vacation package. You are amazed by the old ruins that you come across at each stop of your Sri Lanka vacation so far. You walk through the ruins of the seven-story Royal Palace of King Parakramabahu, his Audience Hall, the royal swimming pool, and many other ancient places. You feel like you are in the time of the kings! As you explore more of this city full of ancient ruins, you slowly realize how much of a rich history that it bears. In the evening, you sightsee the Parakrama reservoir and go for a village walk. It’s calming, and you love your Sri Lanka vacation for the rustic splendor of Polonnaruwa city. 

An essential destination of every Sri Lanka trips, the amazing ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya might strike one as a peculiar sight. Its round structure and its intricate ancient urban landscape surely astound the best of us! Declared as a world heritage by UNESCO, this massive column of rock once used to be the capital of an ancient Sri Lankan kingdom. As you step into Sigiriya rock, you are bound to be amazed by the infamous Sigiriya frescoes depicting the beautiful Lankan women of the fifth century. The Mirror Wall, providing an outlook of ancient poetry, gives you a glimpse into the lives of early visitors of the site. Moreover, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the Gardens of Sigiriya as you wonder about the intellect and ingenuity of the ancient minds at work. Topping the list of tourist destinations in our Sri Lanka tour packages, Sigiriya fortress is a captivating masterpiece of ancient urban landscape and architecture.

Dambulla is an ancient city that offers many natural and spiritual wonders to be discovered. It is one of the most sought-after attractions in our Sri Lanka tour packages filled with dominance and epic grandeur. With its scenic spots such as the ironwood forest, the breathtaking rose quartz mountain, the world-famous Rangiri International Stadium, and the serene landscape of Na Uyana Aranya, the majestic city of Dambulla is sure to be one of your favorites in an adventurous Sri Lanka trip to explore and enjoy the magnificence of this ancient paradise. As you traverse this fascinating city, you are welcomed by the largest and well-preserved cave complex on the island, filled with rich and colorful paintings and sculptures depicting the bold history Lanka. Yes, you are absolutely right! This is your chance to grab the perfect adventurous and fun getaway on this beautiful tropical island.

Trincomalee is a port city on the northeast coast of Sri Lanka. Set on a peninsula, Fort Frederick was built by the Portuguese in the 17th century. Within its grounds, the grand Koneswaram Temple stands on Swami Rock cliff, a popular vantage point for blue-whale watching. The holy complex contains ornate shrines and a massive statue of Shiva. Nearby Gokanna Temple has panoramic views over the city and the coastline.

Being an important and well-praised site among those of the Buddhist faith, Kandy is one of the favorites of our Sri Lanka tour packages. This historic city of majestic splendor will sweep you off your feet with its lush greenery and scenic mountain ranges. The mildly cool weather of the city refreshes you as you take a cheerful stroll through the Peradeniya Botanical Garden, appreciating its vibrant beauty. Home to a rich cultural heritage, Kandy will definitely provide you with a unique immersion into the local traditions, as you see the dancers dressed in colorful costumes with distinctive drums begin to perform the cultural dance, which is a unique and well-preserved aspect of Sri Lankan culture. After experiencing the mesmerizing activities that the city has to offer, you will be spending the night in a Kandy hotel overlooking a magnificent city waiting to be explored. Kandy surely is a place that will be in your heart for ever!

Among the top favorites of our Sri Lanka tour packages, Nuwara Eliya is a vibrant city that boasts acres of lush-green tea estates, soothingly chilly weather, and enchanting flora and fauna. Nuwara Eliya is a destination not to be missed when you are planning your trip to Sri Lanka, don’t miss Nuwara Eliya as it is a must-see destination. The opportunities at Nuwara Eliya are endless; from long walks in the beautiful parks at the heart of the city, to adventurous hikes through the highlands and tea plantations, this old colonial town never fails to impress one! As you wake up and fill your lungs with refreshingly pure air, your mind will wonder thinking what this charming town has to offer me today. Will you dine in one of the colonial Tudor-style buildings? Or, will you enjoy a fun horseback ride along the bank of Gregory Lake? Whatever your choice may be, the wonderful city of Nuwara Eliya is the perfect holiday destination in the beautiful island paradise of Sri Lanka!

Being the most visited and second-largest national park on the island of Sri Lanka, Yala National Park is home to a myriad of wildlife species that completes the picturesque holiday destination offered by our Sri Lanka tour packages. As you step into the dense forests and vast grasslands teeming with the animal life of Yala, you find yourself becoming a part of nature. The safari experience at Yala is truly one of its kind, where you get to experience wildlife species on a personal yet thrilling level. We ensure to provide an experience that is sure to be memorable and rouse the adventurer in you. Yala hides many caves that contain centuries-old rock paintings, adding an air of mystery to the park. Are you an adventurer? Are you an explorer at heart? Then you should definitely visit Yala National Park on your next Sri Lanka trip! 

Your Sri Lanka vacation just got more adventurous! Mirissa paradise is for beach lovers like you. You jump right into the pristine sea and wade into the turquoise waters. You go snorkeling and scuba diving to discover the aquatic life under the sea. As per your Sri Lanka vacation package, you go fishing in the deep sea with the local fishermen. You saw whales and dolphins in the blue waters! As suggested by our Sri Lanka vacation team, you spend a rejuvenating time enjoying massages in the local spas filled with entangling herbal aroma. In the evening, you rent a bicycle and wander around as there are countless artistic boutiques and attractive streets on this marine coast of Sri Lanka.

A Sri Lanka vacation is a mixture of feelings with a blend of contrasting locations. Your Sri Lanka vacation package includes a beautiful town called Galle, on the South West coast. So you visit the Galle Fort beside the rippling sea waves. Later you cycle through the streets that mirror architecture influenced by the Dutch, British and Portuguese rule. You are an antique enthusiast, and this Galle vacation package is sending you over the moon! You stop by the Maritime Archeology Museum that houses boats and other old items from century-old shipwrecks. Then you walk into the Historical Mansion Museum, one of the biggest in the world, and you find traditional arts and crafts. You shop at the elegant Dutch hospital shopping precinct, which has a line of restaurants, boutiques, and bars to relax in.

From the jungle and into the wild waves! The charming lagoon by the southwest corner of the island, Bentota: is a magnetic destination for Sri Lanka vacations among locals and foreigners alike. This town has some of the best holiday resorts in Sri Lanka and offers numerous water activities. You enjoy your Sri Lanka vacation with your family by speed boat riding, diving, kite surfing, and paddleboarding till the sunset. There is something for everyone in Bentota! After challenging the wild turquoise waters, you go whale watching and visit the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery on the next day. By the end of this Sri Lanka vacation package, you have experienced marine life to the fullest! The evening walk in the city is beautiful, and you fall in love with it though it’s time to leave. 

After two weeks of touring around the pearl island for the lowest Sri Lanka vacation cost, a city tour around Colombo is a treat. As the commercial capital, Colombo is gifted with scenic beauty, some of the best restaurants, and shopping complexes on the island. You walk through the Pettah market, which gives the feel of the down-to-earth lifestyle of the city life in Sri Lanka. A Colombo travel package always has a stop at the floating market. In this Sri Lanka vacation package, you get the chance to learn how to cook traditional Sri Lankan cuisine. While the day remains to be bustling, nightlife in Colombo is one for the party animals! You enjoy this night of your Sri Lanka vacation beside the spectacular beach under the starry skies.

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