White Water Rafting

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Seaplane Ride


Water Skiing

Snorkeling in Sri Lanka is one of the best water sports that will thrill your senses! Go deep in the sea and be delighted by the tropical fishes, colored coral reefs, and the shipwrecks. The best places to indulge in snorkeling are Pigeon island, Hikkaduwa Beach, and the Kalpitiya Beach. So, now you also know where to head right away!

One of the top water activities in Sri Lanka, White Water rafting offers a fun-packed experience. Kelani river is famous for white water rafting where you will get to raft through the rapids and minors of the water. If you are visiting Sri Lanka with friends or family, this is one thing you must do!

Deep sea fishing in Sri Lanka is one of the water activities that will give you immense joy and also test your fishing skills. It is done while on a boat with the crew members. So, do try your luck at catching the best of fishes in the deep waters of Sri Lanka.

One of the best water sports in Hikkaduwa, scuba diving will take you down into the beautiful world of water creatures. Swim with the fishes, explore the underwater life, and witness how it works down there by diving deep into the sea!

Swing with the wind and flow with the waves by indulging in one of the best water sports in Sri Lanka. You can surf through a sailing board on the crystal clear waters and experience the real adrenaline rush! Visit any of the palm-fringed beaches of Sri Lanka like Arugam Bay and more if you wish to experience the best of this activity in the whole country!

One of the best water activities in Sri Lanka, Kayaking is the safest thing that everyone can experience on their trip to Sri Lanka. Paddle through the river, explore the wildlife and relax while enjoying the serene views of the surroundings, is all that one has got to do!

A unique water sport in Sri Lanka, Wakeboarding is best for you if youre looking for an unusual experience. A mix of water skiing, surfing, and snowboarding, it will offer you the ultimate fun. Also, if you dont know how to board, go for a beginners level because this is one water activity that you cant afford to miss!

Want to embark on a journey in Sri Lanka completely different than the ordinary one- Well, the Seaplane ride is an activity that will give you the most breathtaking experience of witnessing the beauty of the place as you will be flying over water, and through the sky, all at the same time.

If youre visiting Sri Lanka with your partner, then canoeing is one thing you should add to your itinerary for creating some cheerful memories. Once youre there, just canoe in the scenic river and paddle your way through the gorgeous views and share a laugh or two with your beloved.

Water skiing in Sri Lanka is one of the best water activities for an adventurous experience. While gliding on the water waves like a perfectionist, you could literally feel your heart skip a beat! Also, you can ski either in Negombo or Hikkaduwa ad both of them are great spots for a perfect thrilling affair!